Movie Star Planet Guides, Walkthroughs and FAQs

MovieStarPlanet can be complicated to understand when you are first getting started. These guides and walkthroughs are designed to help you quickly get into the virtual world of moviestar planet! You will be able to find more detailed information about each area while playing the game.

Your virtual Moviestar (Avatar) is what you use to make movies, play games and interact with the virtual world. Your moviestar starts at level 0. By earning fame points, your level will increase. This will give you access to new content such as clothing, animations and more when making movies.

You can earn fame and StarCoins (the virtual money currency in the game) by participating in games and making movies. You earn money and fame everytime someone watches your movies, when you watch others movies and when you play games as well as in the chat rooms.

StarCoins are used for purchasing things for your MovieStar, such as clothing, animations, movie sets - including backgrounds and music, animations and more for your virtual home in MovieStarPlanet.

Getting Started

Start by signing up and creating your movie star. It is 100% free, so invite your friends as well! As you enter the virtual world you'll find instructions on what everything does as you go. Each time you view instructions, you are also rewarded with StarCoins to help get you started in your career as a MovieStar!

Your Room

Customize your room by buying stuff from the shops. Your friends, as well as others, can check out your room from your public profile page - so be sure to make it as cool as possible!

Changing Outfits

You can change your outfits in you the change rooms. This is also the place where you can view all the clothing you have purchased.

More Details

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